Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reality check

When I first started blogging, I used to post every day. Then, I moved to once a week. Then I'd take a few months off and then come back and post regularly again.

And so it went.

Though the posting hasn't always been consistent, I've always tried to deliver something of value. Sometimes my posts are funny, sometimes they're sad; often times they're in between. But, always, what I write is genuine. 

Lately, I haven't posted much at all. Life has been pretty crazy since the move and somehow the blogging (probably along with a number of things) has fallen between the cracks. 

In some ways, I'm ok with it. After all, coming up with new content is challenging and sharing your deep, personal, private thoughts and life-happenings can be tough (like when I copped to liking romantic comedies, arg). 

But, other times, I feel bad about not posting more. I feel like I'm letting people down. 

My readers have been kind, loyal and generous and I appreciate greatly that you've let me know you miss the posts. In addition to letting you down, I feel like maybe I'm letting my girls down by not chronicling my/our life for them better. After all, this blog is really for them more than anyone else. It's my way of letting them know who daddy is and what I'm about.

In thinking about this back and forth of feeling ok, then bad, then ok, then bad again; I realized that this is life. Far too often, we take something that was supposed to be fun and easy and we turn it into something to feel bad about. We pick ourselves apart, convince ourselves we're letting everyone down and then sit back and wonder how we got stuck in the mire. 

It's silly. We know this, yet we all continue to do it. And though there's no silver bullet to stop doing it, I suppose acknowledging that it's happening is a healthy and helpful start. 

For me, that means blogging when I can and letting that be enough. 

What does it mean for you?

The fact is that, neither you, nor I, are letting everyone down. We may not always be all things to all people, but that doesn't make us disappointments to the world; it makes us human. 

I can live with that :)

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