Sunday, September 6, 2015

It doesn’t happen overnight

I’m sitting here surrounded by moving boxes – all of which are in various stages of being unpacked – and I can’t help but think that somehow this process of getting moved in is a metaphor for life.  As much as I’d like to get everything setup overnight, it’s a process; a hard, seemingly impossible at times and definitely slower than we want it to be, process.

And yet, we keep at it.

And so it is with each of us.  We all have a responsibility to do good, to be good and to strive to improve.  But never fear, for the power to change is within us.  We need not, and dare I say we must not, allow ourselves to remain as we currently are (though some of you are, I’m sure, scarily close to being perfect).  For I strongly suspect that there will be no greater blight against us than if tomorrow should come and find us as we are today. 

Let us ask ourselves, “What can I do to be a better husband, wife, parent, loved one or friend?”  And then, let us have the courage to do it.

Improvement will not happen all at once.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  But, if we work towards it, brick by brick, we will build ourselves into monuments of goodness.

This is about the happiness that comes from the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of serving others and the peace of a resting your weary body after a day spent working towards something of substance.

“I fail.  Every day I fail.”  You likely tell yourself that a million times over.  But tell yourself the following too: “At times I’m short with loved ones, impatient with strangers and slow to put others before myself.  But I’m trying.  And in recognizing my failures, taking out the chisel of humility and chipping away at my many imperfections, I am sculpting myself into something beautiful.”

Become your own masterpiece and the world really will be better because you’re in it.

And that, my friends, will be a life well spent.

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